A long, great day out

Wow, I’m tired! But what a great day!

We left early for Millinocket. It’s about a 45 minute drive. After taking care of a quick stop at the hospital we stopped for lunch. I had a pastrami sandwich that was amazing. We met some nice people in the pizza parlor. I love that people actually sit down and talk with you just for the sake of being there. 

From there we picked up a few things at the Save a Lot store. Love that place! Then we hit the road for Lincoln. I needed to get a stuffed animal for my neighbor’s son’s birthday. Walmart made the most sense, so we headed further south just for that. It was such a nice ride! The stuffies were on sale for $4.98, so I grabbed two. I also got a replacement for the one piece of equipment anyone who makes soaps and creams needs; an immersion blender. Mine broke a couple days ago. I could still make it work, but had to hold the two halves of it separately. It was a pain in the you-know-what! Replacing it makes me happy. I’m glad I made enough yesterday to buy some groceries and that stupid blender! 

OK, so I didn’t do much hedge witchery today! But I made it so it will be better to do so tomorrow! I need to make more Borage oil lotion bars and get some photos done for the website. I put up three new products earlier today without photos. I know! Not the way to do business. I swear, I’ll get it done tomorrow. 

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