Should anyone ask. . .

Should anyone ask if homemade lotions and creams can be frozen, the answer is no! Of course, I learned that the hard way too!

I’d made some hand cream for a woman I know. I put it in my car and headed over to her house, but she wasn’t home. Since I was on my way to Houlton I thought I’d stop on my way back home. I did take the time to send her a text before I left, but didn’t receive a reply. She finally answered when I was just leaving Houlton. She said she was headed into Houlton and couldn’t meet with me. 

I got home and left the bag with her lotions right there on the car seat. In fact, I left it there for several days! By the time I finally met up with her the cream had separated big time! It was still white, but it looked more like ricotta than hand cream. 

Should anyone ask if you can save a cream like that, the answer is yes! I blended it again with my new handy dandy immersion blender. It took some doing. It wasn’t easy to blend because it was already pretty thick. On the other hand, I didn’t have to beat it for 10 minutes like I usually do.

So over all it wasn’t too bad. And I saved 4  3 oz volume containers of Borage oil cream. That’s about $80 worth of product. Definitely worth the extra work.

By the way, the whole “should anyone ask” thing? Please, feel free to ask. Knowing what you’re interested in will help me write what you want to read. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night. 

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