The Long and Endless Road

Learning is a passion for me. I love trying new things. So I add things to my list of “things I want to do” all the time and I take the time to try them! The latest few have been pretty fun for me. I’ve learned to spin wool, make soap, make hand creams and added to my herbal knowledge in the last year. That’s a lot! On top of that, I bought a farm house and moved from Florida to Maine.

Funny, the things I’ve learned in the last year I do every day. I work on the health and body products in some way every day and I spin to take a break. I can’t possibly tell you how much I’m enjoying my life at this point!

The beginning of this entry has meandered off point! I was going to tell you about my mishap with the hand cream I made yesterday. Or rather, the hand cream I tried to make yesterday. I measured carefully, heated everything and blended it together. But it didn’t emulsify! I had a beautiful cream with spots of oil all through it! I’ve tried several different things to get it “together”. I even reheated the entire thing and tried to blend it again. It didn’t work. I ended up with a layer of ricotta cheese (not really, just looks like it. . . a lot!) and a layer of milk. And no, there was no milk in it. So some of the oils did stay in the water. 

Today I melted it down completely and put it to chill so I could separate out the solids (oils) from the liquids. The water still looked like milk, but I got to decisive layers that could be separated. The oils are now wrapped in paper towel in the refrigerator. It should be all set to remelt at some point after I manage to get through Thanksgiving. 

OMG! I’d forgotten that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! But then, that’s another story. 

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