I haven’t been here in a while. A big part of the “why” is that I had surgery on my hand and it’s difficult to type.

Another big part is the whole holiday thing. It’s not that I was incredibly busy, but the holidays were even more of a letdown than usual.

I moved back to New England so I could spend the depressing days if Merry-makin with my family. As you can probably guess, none of my family joined us for Christmas.

But I did get some great work done! I perfected my canna-caramel recipe! They absolutely love being made into chocolates! Creamy, buttery caramel, wrapped in dark chocolate. My friends can’t get enough!

Last, but definitely not least, I slipped on my doorstep in a snowstorm and crushed my ankle and foot. No, nothing broken! But I mangled the soft tissue. I have bruises on my bruises. So I’m pretty much just lying here on the couch with three cats as companions.

Hope your holidays were better than mine. Or at least less painful!

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